Graduate students who believe they possess the knowledge to be able to validate required prerequisite courses must follow the procedure outlined below.

Students will be given only one opportunity to validate a prerequisite course. Students who do not meet course requirements must take the course.

Students who successfully validate prerequisite courses will not receive college credits for the courses, and the courses will not be listed on the student’s University of Washington transcript. Successful validation of a prerequisite will constitute a waiver of the course.

Letter of Request
The student must first submit a letter of request to the Department of Construction Management Graduate Program Coordinator listing the prerequisite courses he/she wishes to validate and the basis for his/her belief that he/she already possesses the requisite skills taught in each course.

Letters of request must be submitted no later than the end of the first week of the academic quarter in which the student wishes to validate the prerequisite courses. Requests received after this date will be deferred until the normal testing period at the beginning of the succeeding academic quarter. Validation examinations are not conducted during the summer quarter.

The Graduate Program Coordinator will notify the student of the Department of Construction Management faculty’s decision regarding the student’s request.

Scheduling the Examination
If the faculty believes the student has documented a reasonable basis for prerequisite validation, the student will be notified to pay a $125 fee for each validation examination to be taken and to contact the Graduate Program Coordinator to schedule the examination. The $125 fee for each validation examination is to be payable to the University of Washington. As a service to students, the Graduate Program Coordinator will collect the fee.

Validation examinations will be conducted during the first two weeks of each academic quarter. The Graduate Program Coordinator will notify the student regarding the results of prerequisite examinations.

Letters of request and fees should be sent or delivered to:

Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Construction Management
University of Washington
Architecture Hall, Suite 120, Campus Box 351610
Seattle, WA 98195-1610