May 23, 2017

Research: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Practitioners Guide

The Charles Pankow Foundation has awarded a grant (RGA #04-17) to support the creation of a comprehensive Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) “How-To” guide. The University of Washington is proud to play a role in this important work. An international group of experts has convened to create this guide, including key partners the Integrated Project Delivery Alliance and the Center for Innovation in the Design & Construction Industry.

Much has been written about IPD and its associated benefits. While there is some practical information about IPD available, there has yet to be a guide that provides concrete recommendations on the essential steps needed to do IPD.

This “How-To” guide will industry leaders get over the activation barrier to using IPD. This will not be a sales or theory piece; this is a guide for someone that has decided to do IPD and wants definitive answers on how to proceed. This guide will significantly benefit industry stakeholders—particularly owners—from every building sector.

Project Timeline: February 2017 – January 2018