Student Competitions

Competitions are offered through a variety of industry organizations, giving students the opportunity to collaborate with others and demonstrate their ability to solve construction-related problems by working on real-life challenges. UW students have an excellent record of winning awards at both regional and national competitions. By participating in competitions, students increase self-confidence in their abilities and promote their on-the-job skills to prospective employers.

ASC Regional Student Competitions

The Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Regional Competitions are held every February in Reno, Nevada. Student teams from universities in the Far West Region (Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and California) and the Rocky Mountain Region (Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho. Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming) compete with each other in four categories: commercial, design-build, heavy civil, and residential. Student teams are limited to six people in each competition. The team has 16 hours to develop a solution and submit written proposals to a problem, which may be a construction project or a design and construct project. Judges from the industry hear oral presentation from students about how they developed their proposal, and then evaluate and score the written and oral presentations using a prescribed set of criteria. The team scoring the most points in any category is the winner in that category.

ASC Graduate Student Competitions

The ASC National Graduate Student Competition is held each February in Reno, Nevada in conjunction with the Regional Student Competitions. Graduate student teams are limited to three members.

MCAA National Student Competitions

This National Student Competition sponsored by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is conducted in conjunction with the MCAA annual convention. Student teams of six develop a proposal describing the design and construction of major mechanical systems for a construction project. Proposals are submitted in December and evaluated by the MCAA staff. The four highest ranked teams are invited to make oral presentations at the MCAA annual convention, at which time the winner is selected.

NAHB National Student Competitions

This National Student Competition is sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and occurs at their annual convention. Teams of six students prepare detailed proposals for the development of a residential project and make an oral presentation to judges at the NAHB annual convention. The sponsor of the competition problem is Centex Homes.

NECA Green Energy Challenge Link

Sponsored by the National Electrical Contracting Association (NECA) and ELECTRI International, the Green Energy Challenge invites teams of students studying electrical construction, engineering, design and management to conduct an “energy audit” of a local K-12 school. Entries are evaluated by a committee of electrical construction experts, who select three entries as finalists at a regional competition in May. A winner is selected among the finalists after they make presentations at the annual NECA conference in September.


  • UW takes first place in the 2013 Northwest Construction Consumer Council Student Bid Competition and first place in the 2013 Mixed Use Regional Student Competition.


2013 Sustainable Building and LEED, 3rd place
2012 LEED: 1st
2012 NECA Green Energy Challenge: 2nd
2011 NECA Green Energy Challenge: 3rd
2011 Marine: 3rd
2011 LEED: 2nd
2010 NECA Green Energy Challenge: 2nd
2009 MCAA: 1st
2009 ABC: 1st
2009 NECA Green Energy Challenge: 1st
2009 Marine: 3rd
2008 MCAA: 2nd
2008 Marine: 2nd
2008 Graduate: 3rd
2007 MCAA: 1st
2007 ASC/AGC: 3rd
2007 Marine: 3rd
2006 ABC 2nd
2005 Graduate: 1st
2005 MCAA: 2nd
2003 Design-Build: 3rd
2002 Design-Build: 3rd
2002 Graduate: 1st
2001 MCAA: 1st
2000 Commercial: 2nd
1999 Commercial: 1st


2013 Mixed Use: 1st
2013 NW Construction Consumer Council: 1st
2012 Heavy Civil: 3rd
2010 Multi-Family: 3rd
2010 Commercial: 3rd
2009 NW Construction Consumer Council: 1st
2009 Multi-Family: 1st
2009 Commercial: 3rd
2008 Multi-Family: 1st
2008 Design Build: 2nd
2007 NW Construction Consumer Council: 1st
2007 Design Build: 1st
2007 Commercial: 1st
2007 Residential: 1st
2006 NW Construction Consumer Council: 1st
2006 Estimating: 1st
2006 Design Build: 1st
2006 Commercial: 2nd
2006 Project Management: 3rd
2005 Residential: 1st
2004 Design-Build: 1st
2004 Heavy-Civil: 3rd
2004 Graduate: Merit Award
2004 Commercial: Closest to Pin
2003 Commercial: 1st
2003 Design-Build: 1st
2003 Heavy-Civil: 2nd
2003 Residential: 2nd
2002 Design-Build: 1st
2002 Commercial: 3rd
2002 Heavy-Civil: 3rd
2001 Heavy-Civil: 2nd
2001 Design-Build: 2nd Place & Best Presentation Award
2001 Commercial: 3rd
2000 Commercial: 1st
2000 Design-Build: 2nd
2000 Residential: “On Target” Award
1999 Commercial: 1st
1999 Residential: 1st
1999 Design-Build: 2nd
1998 Residential: 1st
1998 Design-Build: 2nd
1997 Commercial: 2nd
1997 Design-Build: 2nd
1993 Residential: 2nd