Admissions: Bachelors in CM

Announcement (updated February 24, 2017)

The CM undergraduate application process is now on-line! You can refer to last year’s application linked here to see what we require. Here are additional application instructions from last year’s application. Click here to begin your application.

Admission to the Construction Management program is competitive. Applications for the program are due on April 3, 2017. The CM Admissions Committee reviews applications based on the following criteria:

  • Academic performance and potential
  • Overall grade point average
  • GPA of a combination of Acct I and II, Math, Physics, and English Composition
  • Personal motivation (personal statement)
  • Extent and quality of relevant experience (Upper Division and Transfer only)
  • Here’s a list of program prerequisites.

For more admissions information, click on the description below that fits you:

  • Upper Division Admission (UA): You are a UW sophomore who wants to major in Construction Management
  • Transfer student: You study (or have studied) at another school
  • Architecture Dual Degree: You are currently enrolled in the Architecture major and want to add CM as a second major.
  • Early Admit (EA): You are UW freshman or a high school senior who wants to major in Construction Management