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Master of Science in Construction Management

Who studies CM?
More than half of our graduate students take advantage of our evening classes as they work during the day for federal, state, and local agencies, general contractors, construction management firms, real estate developers, consulting firms, and multi-national corporations. These part-time students bring years of field experience and day-to-day experiences to our classes. Most graduate courses are offered during the evening to accommodate our students who work during the day.

Approximately 20 percent of our full-time students represent countries from all over the world. Fifty percent of our graduate students have a B.S. in civil engineering, construction management, or a similar field; close to 30 percent have undergraduate degrees in architecture or business. The remaining 20 percent of our students come from a variety of backgrounds and represent students who are switching careers and embracing the exciting world of construction.

What will I study?
The Masters degree curriculum was developed with industry input to provide graduates with the skills desired by the construction industry. Since the program is structured to build upon the educational foundation gained with an undergraduate degree in construction management, civil engineering, architecture, business, or similar areas, students with educational backgrounds different from construction management may need to take additional foundation courses.

The program consists of required core courses, related electives, an area of emphasis, and a thesis or a professional research paper. In order to obtain the degree, 45 quarter credits (the equivalent of 30 semester credits) including an acceptable thesis (9 quarter credits) or professional research paper (3 quarter credits) are required.

Five focus areas are offered in the Master of Science in Construction Management Curriculum, including Integrated Project Delivery Systems, Sustainable Built Environment, Infrastructure Development, International Construction, and Virtual Design and Construction.

When do I apply?
You may apply to begin your graduate studies in Autumn, Winter, or Spring quarters. There are different application deadlines depending on whether you are a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident, an international applicant, or a graduate non-matriculated student.

Where will I study?
Students in our Master’s Program in Construction Management attend classes at the UW's Seattle campus. The Construction Management Department at the College of Built Environments is housed in Architecture Hall on the main campus. Built in 1909, and completely remodeled in 2006, Architecture Hall has historical significance as the last major building remaining from the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. The University of Washington’s Seattle campus is comprised of 16 schools and colleges and is one of the oldest state-supported institutions of higher education on the Pacific Coast. Students will also be involved in classes and research in virtual construction (modeling, simulation, and visualization), methods and materials and construction education at the new Pacific Northwest Center for Construction Research and Education at nearby Sand Point.

Why get a graduate degree in CM?
Our graduate program has much to offer to those interested in the exciting world of construction. Graduate students have the opportunity to interact with a distinguished faculty with diverse knowledge of the industry acquired through years of field experience and academic studies. You will also participate in the advancement of knowledge in construction engineering and management and the solution of some of the most pressing problems that our industry faces today by doing research in a variety of subjects.

How long will it take to earn my Masters degree?
Full-time students should be able to complete the master’s program in 12 months. Part-time students should be able to complete all requirements for graduation in 24 months, provided that they: take at least two courses per quarter, including the summer quarters; select a thesis or research paper topic within their first year of study; and complete the thesis or professional research paper during the second year of study.


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