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March 6, 2018

Project Engineer Intern, Interwest Construction Inc, posted 3/6/2018

Project Engineer Intern

As a Project Engineer Intern, you work, mentor and coordinate with the Project Manager.  Daily administrative task of the project.  Responsibilities include analyzing the project budget and influential costs.  Overall project progress; track project schedule, materials, trucking, changes, subcontractors, documents and suppliers to assure necessary project progress, cost control and timely completion.


Experience and Construct awesome construction projects with an outstanding company and people.

Creative innovative engineering and problem solving

Manage submittals, delivery schedules and coordinate project with Project Management



Successfully participated in a Civil Construction internship.

B.S. in Construction Management or Engineering or completion of degree in 2018



We take pride in building the transportation infrastructure that makes travel possible! We’re constructing the pathway with our multi-faceted operations including but are not limited to; Heavy Highway Construction, Grading, School sites, Excavation, total site development, Airport Construction, Underground Utilities, Bridges, Construction Surveying, Building pads, Erosion Control, Demolition, Mass Excavation, Storm Conveyance, Fish Passage, Structural Excavation and landscaping to name a few. We maintain over 1000 pieces of top of the line rolling equipment such as Backhoes, Cranes, Excavators, Loaders, Graders and over 40 specialized Trucks delivering to our construction sites using Side-dump, Vactor, Transfer, Solo, Belt, End-Dump, CAD Truck, Water and Sweeper trucks.

Job Location Headquarters: Burlington Washington, Construction sites throughout the PNW.

If interested, email resume to and reference Project Engineer Intern in the email subject line.