March 3, 2017

Construction Inspectors, posted 3/3/2017

Green Project Solutions Group LLC

Time Sensitive Solicitation – Posted on 3/3/17
Date of Position Closing: Until Filled
Construction Inspectors Needed for Immediate Consideration
Roads and Bridge Improvement and Replacement construction Projects
About Us: Green Project Solutions Group LLC (GPSG) is a Washington registered company founded in 2014. We serve public agencies and private businesses supporting their design and construction projects. We are federally and State of Washington registered as a DBE/MBE company. Our construction management services are tailored to the needs of public infrastructure projects. The industries we serve include roads, bridges, transportation, and renewable energy. GPSG’s specialists include engineers, planners, and construction managers. We’re a problem solving oriented company working hard to bring value and sustainability to our clients.
Job Requirements
1. Able to research contract plans, specifications and materials acceptance requirements for inspection of assigned projects.
2. Observe, inspect, and document contractor’s operations and incorporation of materials to ensure compliance with contract plans and specifications.
3. Accurately measure contract bid item work. Verify material is approved for use and prepare its applicable acceptance documentation and associated field note records
4. Prepare inspection reports and take photos to record daily construction activities.
5. Accept load tickets for bid item material delivered to site and tabulate and track import daily totals.
6. Determine deficiencies in contractor’s work and coordinate with client and contractor staff for corrective resolution.
7. Promptly address construction conflicts proactively with the client and contractor staff. Present alternatives and recommendations to project supervisor for resolutions. Record engineering decisions.
8. Provide technical support for organizing, tracking, and managing construction project data.
9. Courteously respond to the public with information on project related questions
10. Investigate and provide estimate background and justification summary for change orders
11. Assist in monitoring work to maintain compliance with erosion control and environmental permit conditions
12. Review project documentation requirements and assist in meeting on-going timely compliance
13. Assist in drafting correspondence and provide responsive issue background when requested
14. Review and provide comments on contractor submittals, proposed schedule, and shop drawings, when requested
15. Assist in developing punchlist and follow up inspection for project acceptance.
16. Assist in constructability review of plans and specifications when requested

Construction sites vary in Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties
Personal Requirements
1. Physically fit
2. Enjoy practical work
3. Able to work as part of a team
4. Able to work at a constant pace
5. Like outdoor work
6. Able to follow precise directions

Please send your resume to the attention of Ana Akins at Position opened until filled. Please note that only responsive resumes will be advanced for further consideration.